A ‘pear’ ingredient for your bridal shower or wedding shower would be those delightful crystal heart keychain gifts. The 3 dimensional crystal heart keychain is an age-old reminder of your special wedding occasion. When you put it on, the light shines from all sides and gives you a feeling of being just a part of the occasion. It is the ideal size for key chains. The details added to make this a perfect gift for any age.

Heart crystal keychain wedding favors come in a beautiful gold plated or sterling silver boxes. The fine crystal stones give it sparkle and shine and it is a fine jewelry gift which can be given as a gift to family members, friends and colleagues. The sterling silver deluxe box is available with the heart design or just the plain sterling silver design. The crystal heart design gift box will give a classic Victorian look to your table setting.

The fine sterling silver crystal heart pendant has a beautiful crystal heart design in one or both sides. You can also get the crystal heart design with simple silver or gold plated plain sterling silver pendants. These lovely plated sterling silver pendants will give it a simple and sophisticated look. This is the ideal size for your key chain. The crystal heart design comes in two parts, one side with the heart charm and the other side plain with an attractive gold plating design.

The simple gold plating heart design in the simple sterling silver plated design adds an old world charm to your sterling silver key chain wedding favors gift. It will add style to your favors and an elegance that will make people feel glad to remember your special day. The crystal heart keychain favors are available in the styles of hearts, diamonds, chocolates, hearts and many other styles and shapes.

There are many different ways to use your crystal heart keychain wedding favors as well. You can gift these favors to your guests with your thank you cards or postcards. This is one way to add a personal touch that everyone will be sure to love. Many people like to wrap their gifts in the clear plastic gift boxes or paper bags and then hang the gifts on their Christmas trees. That way everyone will see the thoughtful and kind touch you gave them. The crystal deluxe box is a great way to do this.

The sterling silver crystal heart keychain comes in a three piece set. These sets include a heart shaped charm in a clear plastic bag, a set of three double-sided coins with the heart design on one side and the names of the bride and groom on the reverse side. This is an inexpensive way to give everyone at your party a unique keychain favor. You can even personalize these treasures by engraving names of the couple on the reverse side of the charm. The charm and coins make a great favor for a baby shower. Whatever your reason for giving these little gifts, you’ll be giving someone a special present that they will always remember.

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